Photoelectric Hybrid Cable

The structure of the photoelectric hybrid cable is to cover the 250-micron optical fiber into the loose high-modulus tube material. Wires and loose tubes surround the center and strengthen the core to form a compact circular cable core. It is encapsulated longitudinally after extruded polyethylene or low smoke halogen (LSZH) cable sheath.

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1. Has good flexibility and mechanical properties.
2. Photoelectric integration, fully saving pipeline resources.
3. The cable part and the optical cable part are relatively independent structures, which are easy to install, lead out and connect.
4. The diameter and bending radius of the optical cable are small, and compatible optical signal transmission and power transmission can be installed freely in a small space.
1. Telecom network construction.
2. Construction of communication base stations in rural areas and remote areas.
3. Urban residential quarters and buildings in optical fiber.
4. Security Monitoring Project.
5. The stretching, impact, bending, flattening, torsion, winding and abrasion of light cables meet the requirements of YD/T901-2001.

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